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Food and Beverage

Babta has established itself in the design, innovation and production of quality of food packaging. We understand our customer’s need to have packaging that gets attention! Babta is proud to be able to produce products that do just that.


Babta produces packaging for a range of food applications. Whether it is a co-extruded pouch for a tough and sub-zero temperature (great for meat, poultry, fish and cheese) or a three-layer barrier foil bag used for coffee packaging, oil or a range of other liquids – we have the solution. All of our products are made from Food Grade Certified materials.


By using gravure print, Babta can print up to 8 colours with various finishing laminations, as well as multiple bag constructions.


Quad Seals

Quad Seal Bags create a distinctive difference in shelf appearance.Sealed on the four corners of the bag, rather than the back, the quad seal bag offers four crisp, clean panels for labels and graphic placement and an overall strong shelf presence.It’s important to consider the product, or products, you will package. Most items need protection from the effects of oxygen, moisture, light, infestation, odor, etc. Products can be sensitive to one or a combination of these, and therefore require packaging that is designed to resist a specific combination of factors. 


Zip Locks

Ziplocks are an added addition to any bag to allow your end customer to reseal the bag after opening.  Keeps the contents fresher and stops any spills out of the bag.


Stand-up Pouches

Stand-up Pouches are sold into a wide variety of markets including pet food, coffee, tea, natural products and specialty foods such as crackers, cookies, nuts, dried fruit, candy, chips and powders.Babta’s Stand-up Pouch is constructed from high barrier clear and foil laminates to protect products from oxygen and moisture. Customised features like zipper reclosure, tear notches, the versatility of hang-hole features, strong shelf presence and an attractive billboard for label and graphics are also available. 


Flat Pouches

 Flat Pouches are ideal for gift packs, bulk coffee packaging and food items such as dried or smoked meats.Easy to use, heat sealable, and convenient packaging with multiple sizes and formats available to pick from.


Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap is a laminated film-on-roll solution and is generally used with Form, Fill and Seal machines (i.e. FFS). FFS machines automatically take the roll of film and form the bag shape, fill the bag with product, and seal the bag. Flow Wrap is used throughout many industries to form Stand-up Pouches, Side Gusseted bags, Flat Pouches, and other package formats. 


Side Gussets

Side Gusseted bags are named for the gusset, or fold, on either side of the bag, which expands when the package is filled with product. The weight of the product usually holds the bag upright. This package format has two long faces, or panels, on the front and the back for product branding. The Side Gusset bag is the recognised format for coffee packaging today. It is also widely used in other markets such as, pet food, powders goods, teas and other specialty food products. 


De-gassing Valves and Pourers

Babta’s One-Way Degassing Valve allows gas to exit a package without allowing air to get in. It is also used to release air pressure from large bags (e.g. pet food, resin, agricultural products, etc.) allowing stable pallet stacks. The disc-shaped device, about the size of a 10 cent piece, is heat-sealed to the inside of a flexible package. Babta’s Valve has high performance and its unique one-piece design allows it to use over 35% less plastic compared to other two-piece designs on the market. 

These packaging options can achieve the wow factor that catches the customers’ eye every time.

Example Packaging


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  • "We're thrilled with our bags. The bags are highly visible and stand out in a crowd, increasing our brand exposure."

    Kelly, Telstra Clear

  • “We are very happy to continuously hear compliments from our customers how proud they were to carry their purchases home in such astonishing bag. Very professional!"

    Client, T Clark

  • "Melanie listened to our requirements and designed a bag that best suited our needs, sharp looking, practical for our product and recyclable. Babta Products deliver on time and follow up for repeats which is of help for us. I would highly recommend Babta Products to other customers.“

    Pat Stewart , Euro Connexion

  • Babta have been outstandingly helpful. They understood our needs quickly, delivered detailed service, providing us with an iconic yet low cost solution utilising the dual branding of our two museums. We would not hesitate to recommend Babta products to any retailer.

    Karryn, Museums of Wellington

  • We love our bag and so do our clients and support workers. They are really handy and durable and just the right size. The bright colour and contrasting trim make the bags really stand out at expos. We were very happy with the service we received; friendly and helpful giving us exactly what we wanted.

    Victoria, Home Support North Charitable Trust

  • Be it on the cat walk, in the supermarket queue or lugging electrical cords backstage… your NZ Music Month bag is an ecofriendly statement of musical intent… they carry things too, making them very practical!

    Client, NZ Music

  • We moved our business from a well known bag supplier to Babta and wow - the same bags now cost us almost HALF the price - this is great value, saving our company thousands. I highly recommend people get quotes from Babta before re-ordering elsewhere, we still can't believe the price difference!

    Stu Jordan, Kāko Chocolates

  • Babta has been instrumental with their in depth knowledge in the setup of our packaging requirements. Advising us from day one on how best to display and promote our product range. This has worked exceptionally well and is regularly commented on by our customers.

    Lei Callow, The London Lolly Shop

  • I would recommend Babta Products as they their knowledge of products and their experience in the industry is second to none.

    Philip Pegrum, Caffe Coffee

  • I have been working with Babta for nearly 6 years and have found them very easy to deal with. We are often given suggestions that help us save money and they are fast and efficient. I have no hesitation in referring Babta to other companies looking for a great packaging company to deal with.

    Janine Potter, Hurricane Jeans

  • I've been using Babta products for three years now and have found them to be competitive and reliable. The service is faultless and delivery expectations are always met. I won't be looking at any other bag manufacturer anytime soon.

    Tania, Fairfax