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New to packaging

Whether you have a new product for sale or have just opened your new store, the packaging choice can sometimes be the last thing you consider. However for your customer the product packaging and retail bagging experience is often one of their first encounters with your brand and product. Sometimes the difference in the sales counter packaging process can be the only real distinction between your retail experience and your competitors.


There are a number of choices to be made when selecting the right bag or packaging solution for your business and taking the “cheapest bag will do” approach may cost you dearly in the long run


Some of the general considerations when choosing the right bag/s for you are:

Appropriate bag construction; paper, plastic, biodegradable or reusable. When to use gusseting and lamination. Printing options and colour combinations. Handle types and placement. Product dimensions; are your goods heavy or light – heavy objects may need a reinforced bag. Do you have different product sizes that need two bag sizes? Will the bag be used for gift packaging?


By using Babta as your packaging partner you can remove any risk or guess work out of the designing and production process. You are able to utilise our considerable experience and practical knowledge to create a bag that works for your business and keeps your customers coming back.

Example Packaging