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What are the minimum orders for branded product?

We have very low minimum orders for branded products:

500 for non-woven bags 1,000 for paper bags 3,000 for plastic.

What other products do you do

For most companies we are able to take care of all your stores packaging requirements:

Printed Stickers/labels Printed Swing tags Printed Ribbon Printed Tape Printed Tissue Paper Printed Boxes Printed Wrapping paper

Expected delivery time

Once final artwork is signed off and sales order is signed Babta will provide an approximate delivery timeframe. These timeframes can change due to shipping delays and Babta Products Limited is not to be held responsible for this delay.


Normal delivery is 6-8 weeks for repeat orders and 8-10 weeks for new orders requiring samples.

Order Confirmation

An order is confirmed when an email has been received to confirm production or a Sales Order Acknowledgement, artwork and a deposit of 40%, the contribution towards artwork and plate cost, has been signed and received.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Free storage of your packaging for up to six months
  2. Free product design sample – additional changes and new samples may incur fees
  3. Automatic stock level monitoring and re orders – never run out of stock
  4. If artwork has not been sighted by Babta Products at time of preparing pricing, this quote is indicative only.
  5. Airfreight Charges: If required will be additional to product cost and will be charged on final invoice.
  6. Whilst every effort is made to match colour shades & paper weight, a reasonable tolerance shall be allowed, to account for variation in materials and surface finish at time of order being placed.
  7. Due to the manufacturing process of carry bags there may be a production volume variance of +/- 15% which will be invoiced for on paper, plastic and foil products.
  8. Our packaging has at least one handmade procedure, a reasonable tolerance shall be allowed for sizing, gluing, taping, handles and valve position.
  9. Plates: We may require a client contribution towards the creation of printing plates. This is charged on the first production run only and will not be charged for again unless the artwork is changed. This potential charge will be confirmed once final artwork is received and assessed. All plates remain the property of Babta Products Ltd.
  10. Acceptance of this proposal indicates your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Full Terms and Conditions and Credit Application form can be found at http://www.babta.co.nz/wp-content/themes/BABTA/uploads/Clients-Credit-application-form.pdf

Standards and sustainability

Babta is committed to ethical, quality and environmental standards. We are aware of the role that we play as manufactures of packaging and offer sustainable options for your consideration depending on your requirements. All our suppliers are ISO accredited and are monitored regularly by our quality control agent’s spot audits and our regular visit’s.


“Our aim is to find the best mix of design, manufacturing process and materials that can reduce waste.”


Babta is pro-active in working to reduce our carbon footprint and are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network and the Instep programme. We actively encourage and promote sustainability practices within our working environment and believe that every little step makes a positive change.


We stand by our products and if for any reason something isn’t up to standard please contact us within 7 days of the order being delivered and we will work through this with you.


  1. When artwork is requested, whether an order is finalized or not there will be a charge for the work done and payment is required 20th following invoice.
  2. Account payable on the 20th month following arrival of packaging into your store.
  3. Artwork samples and plates will be charged for if the order is cancelled before a final order is placed.
  4. Account queries are to be actioned and resolved within seven days of receipt of invoice.
  5. Payment is to be made by direct credit into Babta Products Ltd company account.


When an order has been confirmed by both parties, the order is unable to be cancelled by the customer, without due costs being incurred by the customer.

Creative artwork requirements

To maintain high production standards, we require that all artwork submitted to us for printing follows the following guidelines:


Provision of original vector art files


We prefer original vector art created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Vector art can be scaled up or down without losing any quality. The graphics must be crisp, smooth lines that retain their sharpness and proportions when editing. Please convert all fonts to paths, curves or outlines*.


The following file types are acceptable:

  1. Adobe Illustrator .ai (preferred)
  2. Adobe Illustrator .eps (preferred)
  3. Adobe Acrobat .pdf (if created from vector art)
  4. High Resolution TIFF .tiff (minimum 300dpi)


Important Note: A scanned image (e.g. .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .psd, .pdf) or art created in a photo/paint program is not vector art. In addition, placing, linking, embedding, or copying these images into a drawing program (or into Microsoft Word) does not convert them into vector art and will not meet our art requirements.


Please note: When artwork is requested, whether an order is finalized or not there will be a charge for this and payment is required 20th following invoice.